Conditioning the body outside of dance class is very important for both improved performance and protection from injuries. Dance movement stresses similar muscle groups because of repetitive movements. Many dancers turn to Pilates to recover from injuries, but the real key is to incorporate Pilates in to the dancer's practice to help prevent injuries. This course will do just that. Pilates can encourage muscle balance by working joints through full ROM and building support in all layers of soft tissue. This course will focuses on building core strength and flexibility while incorporating breath and fine-tuning alignment. By building awareness about how movement works, where it comes from and how to connect to it kinaesthetically, dancers can bring a new level of sophistication to their dance practice. They are stronger, more flexible and more mindful of how to move with integrity from deep in the body.




This boys technique class is a ballet based class offering young men the opportunity to work through their fundamentals and base in classical technique.  With a focused environment on placement and functionality, this class is meant to support the growth and integration of technique in all other genres of dance, and strengthen each dancers sense and confidence of structural and technical awareness.

We want to make the Class Act experience available to all students who are dedicated to their training.

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**Schedule is subject to change