Do you get nervous before each new presentation or audition?  Kiss those butterflies in your stomach goodbye! Our acting classes focus on presenting yourself well in any situation, audition or performance.  Students will develop stronger improvisational skills, and will also work on monologues and scene work from both new plays and classics in order to build a strong repertoire.  Ideal for students who want to focus on making clear acting choices and making a good impression, this class will help young actors to feel calm and confident in most any situation or casting session. Additionally, the students will learn various on-camera skills for film, television and commercial work.  The actors will work with the instructor to develop and hone their performance skills specifically for this medium and will be given the opportunity to learn and practice skills and techniques necessary to compete in the film/video industry.

*Schedule is subject to change

We want to make the Class Act experience available to all students who are dedicated to their training.

Please contact the office to discuss payment plans and multi-class discounts.

Photo of our CAPAS student by Kelly Tunney.