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Bring A Friend Week! - Week of Oct 15th!

October 15th - October 20th, 2018

  • Each student will be allowed to bring one friend to their class

  • Permission slips are available at the front desk. Friendsmay not participate without their parent/guardian’s contact information provided

  • Bring a Friend does not apply to the following classes- Production (“Annie” Kids), Private voice/piano lessons, MTC Tech, Mini MTC, Company Rehearsals, Advanced Audition Technique

  • Friends are not required to follow the dress code, but must wear clothes and shoes they can move in

Please make sure each friend provides the following information-

CAPAS Student Name: ___________________________________________

Friend’s Name:________________________________________________

Parent Name:____________________________________________

Parent E-Mail:____________________________________________

Emergency Contact:


Phone #____________________________________________



This form must be filled out and brought back to Class Act Performing Arts Studio on the day of the class, and handed directly to the teacher. No outside student will be allowed to participate without this form completed and handed in.