Do you get nervous before each new presentation or audition?  Kiss those butterflies in your stomach goodbye! Our acting classes focus on presenting yourself well in any situation, audition or performance.

We offer a range of acting classes that cater to many types of acting genres and students.  Students will develop stronger improvisational skills, work on monologues and scene work, and learn acting techniques and vocabulary.  Ideal for students who want to focus on making clear acting choices and a good impression, these classes will help actors to feel calm and confident in most any situation or casting session. Additionally, the students will learn various on-camera skills for film, television and commercial work.  

Our actors will work with professional instructors from the theatre and film industries to develop and hone their performance skills and will be given the opportunity to learn and practice skills and that are necessary for any type of acting situation.


acting workshops

**NEW 5-week INTRO to ACTING for the CAMERA WORKSHOP Thursdays 4pm-5:30pm!

March 14th-April 11th for ages 8-11

April 25th - May 30th for ages 12-18

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This workshop is a great opportunity for those actors who are curious about acting in film, TV and commercials (even those aspiring filmmakers who currently make their own home videos and movies!).  Students will gain insight as to what it takes to modify a theatrical performance to screen as well as gain confidence in their acting abilities.

Ready, set, act!

(approx. ages 7-10)

This acting class uses improv games and acting exercises in a fun and safe environment that teaches students the basics of acting.  Students will develop their acting vocabulary and gain a better understanding of the craft of acting.  In addition to having fun, the important lessons learned from improv games and acting exercises will be discussed at length as to how they apply to everyday life as well as the acting journey of each student.  This class helps strengthen and improve confidence, communication skills, and encourages the ability to think outside the box!


(approx. ages 10-13)

This class focuses on improvisation and acting skills in a relaxed environment.  Students will gain an extensive acting vocabulary and participate in many improv practices; learning long form, short form, and sketches.  This class will teach students to think quickly on their feet and develop comedic timing.  Monologues, scenes, and commercials will also be incorporated into the class curriculum.

building blocks of acting

(approx. ages 12-15)

This class is for the acting student who would like to accomplish a more academic and performance enhancing approach to acting.  Students will gain an extensive acting vocabulary and variety of acting tools through acting exercises, monologues and scenes which they will put to use in performance.  Students will gain a better understanding of themselves as an artist in addition to introducing character work.  The importance of voice, speech and movement skills will also be addressed. 

*This class presents a performance opportunity at the end of the school year in a black-box setting.

Private acting Coaching & Audition Coaching

Have a big audition or performance coming up?  Do you have specific material that needs to be worked on? We offer private coaching for acting and auditioning from our professional staff. For all ages and levels: kids to adults and beginners to professionals! *by appointment only, please email for details.

Email for more information.

*Schedule is subject to change

We want to make the Class Act experience available to all students who are dedicated to their training.

Please contact the office to discuss payment plans and multi-class discounts.

Photo of our CAPAS student by Kelly Tunney.