Company Overview

Musical Theatre Company and Dance Company are Class Act Performing Arts Studio's intensive training programs for students ages 8 and up. Both MTC and DC students participate in a core curriculum of leveled dance classes; MTC students also study vocal, musical, and acting technique. While the focus of our company program is the training of young artists, there are required and optional performance opportunities for MTC and DC students available throughout the year. Each company has different requisites but students can be a part of just one company, or both simultaneously. 

In order to ensure the highest quality of training for each individual student, members of MTC and DC are accepted by audition only. We hold our company members to a high standard of commitment, work ethic, and integrity.

Please note: Both Companies are full year (September – May) commitments.


During the CAPAS season, all Company members must check with the Director in order to get prior consent to audition for, or perform in, regional/community theatre, school productions or any other local programs or venues. All requests must be submitted in writing via the CAPAS Outside Audition Request Form and hand delivered to the front desk or emailed to . CAPAS will make an effort to accommodate school productions, however, please remember that at its core, CAPAS is a training program. Repeated absences not only affect individual progress, but also impact the other company members at large, and studio performances as a whole, and may result in being taken from a piece, or out of competition in order to keep the integrity and accountability of those students committed to their company rehearsals and experience.