Dance Levels & Tracks

Designed for the student who is at a beginner to intermediate level who wants to further hone their technical skills, but may not be able to commit to multiple classes/hours during the week. No prerequisites, minimums, or maximums. However, it is highly recommended that students in Level 2 and above take more than one technique class. (Most classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise scheduled). Please note:  Levels and requirements may change yearly based on current enrollment.

CA 1: Approximately 7-9 years old

CA 2: Approximately 10-12 years old

CA 3: Approximately 12-15 years old

CA4:  Approximately 14+ years old

Note: Any student taking Lyrical must be enrolled concurrently in Ballet or Jazz.



Geared towards more serious dancers who are extremely committed to their technical dance development and performance. All CAPP classes are 90 minutes, unless otherwise specified, and are part of a required curriculum listed below. Placement is determined by master instructors and directors. Criteria considered Includes, but is not limited to: ability, technique, age, and years. Please note that as our students change and grow from year-to-year, the leveling is subject to change and may not represent the same grade or caliber of technique and work annually.

CAPP 1: Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap (Hip-Hop*, Jumps/Turns1*) Approx. 10-13

CAPP 2: Ballet (x2), Jazz, Lyrical, Tap (Hip-Hop*, Jumps/Turns1*) Approx. 11-14

CAPP 3: Ballet (x2), Jazz, Lyrical, Tap (Hip-Hop*, Jumps/Turns2*) Approx. 12-15

CAPP 4: Ballet (x2), Jazz, Lyrical, Tap (Hip-Hop*, Jumps/Turns1*) Approx. 15*      most advanced

*Highly encouraged but not required.