Ages 7-9

For triple threats in the making, this class will hone performance skills while providing instruction in voice, acting, and dance. Students will also learn song and dance routines set to numbers from popular musical theatre productions. NOTE: This is a full year class, September - June.


Ages 10+

If you want to sing, dance, and act in the tradition of great Broadway musicals, this is the class for you. Students will receive instruction in voice, acting, and dancing to song and performances inspired by Broadway. Special attention will be paid to performance skills and song interpretation.

Ages 7-12

This process-based class takes the performers from audition to performance. Emphasis being on the technique of putting on a musical, as well as backstage elements. Each class will be treated as a rehearsal and will incorporate acting, singing and dancing. Each student will receive a role and the class will culminate in a final in-studio performance. NOTE: This class is now a full-year class, and will participate in the end-of-year Showcase

The class will have a performance of a 30 min musical on a Friday in February


MTC Performance Technique is a foundational class in our Musical Theatre Company core curriculum. Through a series of multi-week workshops, MTC members will improve their sight-singing skills, sheet music preparation, ensemble singing, acting technique, playwriting, scene study, and on-camera technique. Company members will work with a variety of faculty members on a rotational basis, who specialize in each field. Non-Company students may be registered in this class via *Director's Permission.


This is a collaborative acting experience involving multiple faculty members where students will regularly work acting for musical theatre.  The curriculum, projects, and feedback will be tailored to the unique needs and trajectory of each participant. This will be a 1.5 hour class. NOTE: This is considered an advanced course and as such students will be held to higher expectations than in other classes. There will be outside work.  


This opportunity is aimed at the rising High School Junior and/or Senior and will incorporate up to 10 hours worth of private one-on-one sessions based entirely around YOUR schedule, with the option of adding more time should you feel you need it.  We will put together a spreadsheet of schools, their respective academic and audition requirements, pre-screen requirements/deadlines, application fees/deadlines, etc.  We will then spend time coaching your material to make sure you are prepared and talking wardrobe so you are feeling like your best self.  This can be such an arduous and daunting process.  It can be really helpful to have someone who recently went through it helping guide you.  Essentially, I will be like your wedding planner, but for college!


This opportunity is aimed at High School students interested in Summer Programs and Intensives and will incorporate up to 5 hours worth of private one-on-one sessions based entirely around YOUR schedule, with the option of adding more time should you feel you need it.  We will take a look at all of the intensives and programs you are interested in, and put together a spreadsheet their respective audition requirements and pre-screen requirements/deadlines, should they have them.  Then we will take time selecting and coaching the perfect material for you and making sure that you go into the audition ready to nail it.

*Schedule is subject to change

We want to make the Class Act experience available to all students who are dedicated to their training.

Please contact the office to discuss payment plans and multi-class discounts.