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Weekly private, 30-minute or 1-hour voice lessons will strengthen technique, musicality and build the students’ repertoire. Lessons are offered on a semester or annual basis. Ages 8+ or via Director's Permission. 

Email Office@ClassActPAS.com for more information.


The music theory and ear training provided by piano instruction will build musical confidence in all arenas, but is proven to be especially effective in enhancing singing technique. Reading music and developing performance proficiency will be the primary focus of lessons. However, more advanced students will also learn to improvise and play along with their favorite pop stars. 

Students can begin instruction as young as 6 years old, though it is required that students be comfortable reading at a first grade level before taking lessons. Adult piano students are also welcome. Lessons are offered on a semester or annual basis.

Email Office@ClassActPAS.com for more information.


Many students opt to add an additional 30 minutes of private music theory to their existing voice or piano lesson to have a greater understanding of music, develop sight-singing skills, and ensemble-singing techniques. Students  learn how to analyze songs to explore the composer’s intent as it relates to acting choices. The curriculum will be tailored to meet the interests and skill levels of the  student.

Email Office@ClassActPAS.com for more information.


Group Voice is a foundational class for singers. Students will develop their individual vocal technique (breathing, musicality, vocal health, and strength), as well as skills related to ensemble singing (music theory, blending, harmony, rhythm, and ear training). Additionally, Group Voice is a great option for young singers who would prefer the support of a classroom environment with peers, rather than a one-on-one private voice lesson. 

*Schedule is subject to change